One Discovery to populate two classes


Does anyone know if you can populate two classes with one Discovery based on the presence of a registry key or not?


Key Exists - Create Class “Exists”
Key Does NOT Exist - Create Class “NOTExists”


You can do this with a Script based discovery (create instances of one class or the other inside your if/else statement).

If you wanted to use the Registry Probes you’d need to create two discoveries (one checking for the key, one checking the key doesn’t exist), though since they’d use the same regkey path SCOM Cookdown would reduce this to only a single query (so no agent performance impact of having two discoveries vs one).

Since discovery/undiscovery will always occur on both discoveries when one changes (since they have mutually exclusive criteria) there shouldn’t be a real DB impact of having a pair of discoveries rather than a single one either.

Ok. Cool.

If you decide to go by two discoveries and the registry Discovery.

If exists then you write ApplicationXExists taken from

How do you write the attribute as Key doesn’t exist.?