Open Access dashboards list


There are many dashboards in our V2 version environment, so would like to know the list of dashboards that has Open access, because the same dashboards are supposed to give open access in V3 version. It would be great if any script to pull the list.


In v2, each dashboard xml with open access enabled, you will find a section like this:

Using PowerShell, you will be able to pull a list of dashboards that have OA enabled.

Dashboards are stored here in v2 (run the script in this location):


The PowerShell would be something like:

Get-ChildItem -Recurse | select-string "<IsOpenAccess>true</IsOpenAccess>" | group path | select name

The migration script will not migrate Open Access configurations though – this would be a manual task, post migration.

In version 3, Open Access mappings are stored in a json file here:


However, using the GUI, you can find your open access dashboards via System > Open Access:


Really this made very simpler, thank you so much.

Likewise can we do for Version3,?

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