Open Access Dashboards & using an F5 load balancer

Access to Squared Up is via an F5 VIP address which get load balanced by an LTM to 2 x pool members (which are Windows Server 2012 R2 running the IIS website for the application)

When we publish an Open Access dashboard, trying to access this does not work. When the Squared Up server tries to render the page at https://squaredup, it goes to the F5 load balancer and then it’s possible for it to go to the other Squared Up server. This results in a process ID not being found due to the process not existing on the server that is trying to render the dashboard

Support have been very helpful to suggest an iRule (on the F5) to help get around an issue and force traffic back to the originating server that generated the dashboard request - however the iRule caused the virutal server (hosting the application) to completely stop working

Does anyone have a similar setup or experience in getting Open Access dashboards to render via a load balanced address?

We are running Squared Up v4.0.3.421

In your shared file location under /User/Configuration is a file called openaccess.json

modify it as follows, adding in your FQDN URL for the site.

“oa-loopback-base-url”: “”,
“oa-ajax-complete-wait”: 10000