Operations Manager 1807 Certificate Monitoring

Hi everyone, I am using the SCOM-PKICertificateMP to monitor the certificates on the personal store of my servers and we have some issued with some certs that are generated from Azure (the MS-Organization-P2P-Access cert), I know that those are valid but only for one day, which is messing up my view of validity for certificate.

Is there a way (I need to say that I am a beginner with OpsMgr) to make an override so that those certificate are not monitored at all?

I have tried the _DoNotMonitor approach from the MP but as this certificate is a new one everyday, it will not work.

I was thinking of something about the Issued by attribute to not monitor any cert with MS-Organization-P2P-Access* value. I alos need to know how would where should I put the override, on the Monitor itself, on a group, etc.

Thank you all for your precious help.

I believe you need to make an override on the “Discovery of local computer’s certificate store “My / Personal” (registry)” you can override the parameter “issuer Filter - Exclude (RegEX)” and put in what you don’t want to monitor.