OpsLogix Ping MP v3?

Is there an OpsLogix Ping MP for v3?

I’ve tried to add my OpsLogix Remote Sites group to a tile on a new dashboard but only some of them appear :confused:

HI Jelly, I’ve managed to get this working now, now to find out what counters I can use to display performance data.

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Do these targets appear differently from other targets in the SCOM CONSOLE? I’ve had formatting issues before with the OpsLogix pack, after an Import, so perhaps you are seeing what that looks like in SquaredUp?

Have you seen issues with the oplslogix ping mp where health states flip flop several times a day? I know the ping is working from the scom server but its showing failing at times in the MP’s status views.


Hi Chris,

All data from SCOM should appear within Squared Up and there are no version specific MPs for it.

If you’re missing data there could be a scoping issue or perhaps a problem with your installation.

Perhaps this is one for support? Though I’m happy to help if you can provide some screen shots :slight_smile:



Glad to hear!

Might be best to mark this as solved and maybe tell us what you did to fix it :slight_smile: