Oracle DB Monitoring

Hey folks,

I’m currently looking into the options around monitoring Oracle DBs with a SCOM Management Pack. I’ll be looking into testing out the offerings from OpsLogix, Bridgeways and I think (if they still offer it) Nice.

Does anyone have any first hand experience of any of these Management Packs and indeed Management Packs from any other vendor? What has your experiences been like with these packs? Would you recommend any?

Much appreciated.


Tao yang created a blog post on “Automating OpsLogix Oracle MP Configuration” which many have found quite useful, Perhaps this is a good place to start :slight_smile:

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Hi Greigstevenson,

I recently deployed the NiCE Oracle management pack and it was pretty straight forward. They have some pretty decent documentation and generally speaking, it’s a really well made MP. Take a look :slight_smile:



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