Oracle metric name confusion

Oracle monitoring has been added to the SCOM environment and a custom performance collection rule to get Oracle Instance CPU usage has been created. This all works fine and a performance chart has been setup in the SCOM console.

While trying to create the same in SquaredUp, the metric name has taken on the format “servername:oracle instance - cpu usage”. cpu usage is the SCOM counter name. This servername has become fixed.

When creating a perspective, the metric name is fixed, it will not change to the Oracle instance in view, but the data presented is fixed.

For example to show the CPU usage on server2, the metric name “server1 - cpu usage” must be used.

How did / could the metric name become like this, it cannot be configured in SCOM like this??

Hey Christopher, you can simply use wildcards in the 'advanced view' to fix this issue.