Organise dashboard tiles

i have created a Alerts Dashboard using the latest Donuts. the first row has four tiles horizontally which is ok but the second row only has one tile per row.

How can i get more tiles added horizontally as it doesnt give me any option to resize on the right hand side:

You can find some great info on how to do advanced layouts using the underlying dashboard json in the following webinar -

In addition, the support team should be able to provide you with some sample json to help you along the way with some more complex examples

A row can contain many columns, though, in the dashboard designer it's not possible to create nested columns. You can do this via the json and Support have a template dashboard pack that contains examples of nested templates. When you import the pack, you can just clone the originals when needed, and change the duplicated dashboard as required.


Thanks guys, i got the Template from Support and pasted the code over the existing and got the grid layout. I simply copied code from my existing Tiles into the new ones and i was done.

But if I want to continue adding another set of Blocks down the bottom, I would just copy and paste the relevant section from the template into the bottom of my Dashboard and continue or is there something else?

Also, would be great if SquaredUp can use the dashboard creation method used to create native dashboards in SCOM console.

All you have to do is add a small Ui pop up where you have to choose:

the Template, the Grid layout, Select the number of Cells required, Select the Layout Template.

Once done than start populating the Tiles with standard SquaredUp format.

This would be a much easier approach for the uninitiated in the world of HTML/JSON coding.

Hi @Jelly, is the “template dashboard pack” available on the support site - that I am simply overlooking and cannot find. Or, do I need to contact Support directly for the pack. Thank you.

Not that I’m aware of - drop them an email at [email protected] and they’ll send it to you :slight_smile: