Overrides not being observed by Squared Up


I recently deployed an updated version of a Management Pack into SCOM and initially I had some issues with monitors showing a warning state.

This was subsequently remedied using a couple of overrides to modify the thresholds.

The strange thing is that the state now shows as healthy in the SCOM console but when I look in Squared Up the monitor still shows a warning state. I have used the reset button in Squared Up to reset the state and it goes green but within a few moments it goes back to a warning state.

I’m really confused why Squared Up seems to be doing this.

Any ideas what the issue might be?

Thanks in advance for any help


Thanks Jelly.

Spot on. I’d applied my override to the wrong class and the way it’s presented in Squared Up highlighted the issue.

All sorted now - that’ll remind me to take more care when applying overrides in future. :wink:

Are you definitely looking at the correct object? In SCOM, open the properties page (Details view at bottom of state view will say “Windows Computer properties of SRV01” or something similar, Windows Computer being the class), then view the monitored entity perspective for the object in Squared Up. Can you see the same class?

Also worth looking for the monitor that is generating the health state - Is it the same one you overrode in SCOM? Have you applied the override correctly? (i.e. to the correct class/group/object).