Pass-through authentication Community Edition


I’m trying to get pass-through authentication working on my Community Edition of SquaredUp.

I am able to login with Forms Authentication however once Anonymous and Windows authentication is enabled I still get prompted for credentials.

Seeing as I am logged in with an account that is assigned to SquaredUp I am expecting SquaredUp to load directly without need to login again.

This is the output from the script:

PS C:\support\sqdiag> .\Debug-SquaredUpKerberos.ps1
Checking privileges…OK
Loading IIS module…OK
Checking for SquaredUp instances…
Squared Up virtual path

Please choose the Squared Up virtual path for which you wish to run Kerberos diagnostics.
[1] 1: SquaredUpv3 [?] Help (default is “1”): 1
Finding SquaredUp directory…OK ; Virtual=WebAdministration::\SCOM01\Sites\SquaredUpv3, Physical=C:\inetpub\wwwroot\sq
Finding SquaredUp version…OK ; Version=
Finding SquaredUp application pool…OK ; SquaredUpv3
Finding SquaredUp settings…OK ;
Resolving SquaredUp hostname…OK ;, HostName=SCOM01
Resolving SCOM hostname…OK ; DnsName=SCOM01, HostName=SCOM01
Confirming windows authentication enabled…OK
Determining SquaredUp identity for kerberos…OK ; Machine identity
Checking SPNs for SquaredUp identity…OK ; Spns=HOST/SCOM01,HOST/
Checking if SCOM is on localhost…OK ; Local=True

SquaredUp and SCOM are on the same machine, further tests are not applicable.
PS C:\support\sqdiag>

Have you checked out this: