Passing Data between Pages (PowerShell tile)

I have built a widget using the PowerShell tile that surfaces information contextually from a secondary system using data from SCOM (groups). I’m querying a web API, but I have to manipulate the data that gets returned into a more human-readable format, otherwise I would use the Web API tile.

What I’d like to be able to do is generate links in the grid (possibly other tile types) that can send data to a subsequent page to provide a “drill-down” so to speak.

For example, I have a grid that lists all kittens found in a server group broken down by type and count. So there are 3 tabbies, 2 calicos, and 4 persians in that group.

Then I’d like to click the row link and navigate to another page, which lists all the servers with tabbies (or calicos, etc…).

I can probably do this by using PowerShell to write out a temporary file with a static name so that I can reference the file in another tile on another perspective in a different dashboard, but this has issues with concurrent use.

Any ideas?