PercentMemoryUsed Counter is not collecting data on some servers

Hi guys,

i am facing a strange issue where on some servers, cannot collect memory percentage perf counter data,

i see errors in the event log as followed.

Microsoft.Windows.Server.OperatingSystem.PercentMemoryUsed.vbs : Invalid number of arguments (1 instead of 2). Arguments: {17427.}

its same management pack applies on all servers and working fine on most of them except for bunch of servers i have no clue why, these servers were also part of 2 scom management groups, but i tested removing the other management group from one of the server that having the issues, but still no success, the current os management pack version is 6.0.7323.0

servers that having issues are server 2012 r2 datacenter.

SCOM 2016

help is appreciated.


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Known bug with the WMI/CIM monitor.