Perf.graph - compare OS1 with OS2


Is thera a way to do a comparisson between 2008 servers and 2012 servers? Usually the metric collected is the same (IE: processor time) but the rules collecting these are different between the OS’. So how can we compare these the easiest way?


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There is no way to display different metrics on the performance compare drill down page.

You can have multiple metrics in the plugin on a dashboard though.

  1. Scope to the servers that you need
  2. Choose your first metric for the 2012 servers
  3. Click advanced, add your second metric for the 2008 servers after the first separated by a comma


Both lines will appear on the page. You can expand the area by dragging the orange line at the bottom of the section. I also find that setting the data range to ‘fit to data‘ helps too.


Thats a workaround, i will check it out asap. I assume this cant be exported?