Performance plugin context filtering


I have a class which performance metrics are targeted against its parent class (Blade and UCS Domain in Cisco MP).

I created a perspective in context of the Blade class. Performance plugin is linked to parent class. I need to filter only those metrics that concerns a particular Blade.

All performance rules have Instance field that cantains ID property of Blade object. For instance: Blade.ID = sys/chassis-1/blade-1 and Instance property of a CPU rule - sys/chassis-1/blade-1/cpu-1 and sys/chassis-1/blade-1/cpu-2.

When I paste ‘sys/chassis-1/blade-1*’ in the Instance field of perf plugin, I can see performance graphs, but when I paste {{}}*, nothing shows up.

How can I make a contex perspective in this case?


AFAIK you can’t use properties in this field, only fields with the mustache helper {{ }} can use properties. The properties you have shown in your second screenshot are for an object, and not for a performance metric.

Open a performance view in the SCOM console for the object you are trying to get perf data for. In this view, the columns object/counter/instance:

Are the object/counter/instance in Squared Up


The scope is different to the metric instance, as the criteria are used to search SQL for an object, whereas instance is searching for a particular column in another table.

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But I successfully use properties in the Scope field. If it is not possible in the Instance field, then nothing else will help