Performance reports from Servers

I’m looking to get a bit of a report of performance on some of our main SQL Servers when it comes to the likes of CPU Utilisation, Disk I/O, Disk Latency etc.

What is the best way we can get some reports for these metrics from SCOM 2012R2?


I wouldn’t start with the SCOM out of the box reports. They are poor beyond belief. If it is an actual report then try out the Veeam reports which are significantly better:

The other option is to go the SQL Query approach. Query the DW directly which will have:

  • 10 days of raw data
  • 400 days of aggregated data (hourly \ daily)
This can then be exposed via Power BI:

You could also potentially look to do this via Squared Up if you had a perspective with all the objects you want using the export data functionality.



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