Perspective Page Scope - Groups missing from Group Members option

We are running SCOM 2012 R2 and have imported the MP for IIS 10. The data is being collected and the data / groups are viewable via the search bar.

The issue comes when we look at the IIS perspective. The page scope of the perspective is set to IIS Computer Group, however the IIS 10 computers are not shown. We attempted to duplicate and change the IIS perspective to IIS 10 computers, however the IIS 10 Computer Group is not shown.

Has anyone experienced similar issues? If so, could you please provide any direction on items to check?

Note, we are running v4 of SquaredUp.


When you say data is not shown, do you mean it has empty graphs or any errors?

Also just to be sure, have you confirmed if the group actually contains instances in SCOM?


Funnily enough I noticed yesterday that the IIS perspective is missing from all my IIS servers, on 5.1 SquaredUp

Oh dear - sounds like there may be an ID change for the group between the MP or our dashboard pack.

Please raise this with support so we can investigate.

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When I go to look into a server, such as from search I enter a server name then choose the Windows Server 2016 Computer (full) choice. I am then presented with the perspectives for the server. For servers with IIS 7/8, I see an IIS perspective, however the perspective does not show for IIS 10 servers.

As far as the group is considered, the group is populated and viewable within squaredup.

However to your point regarding the IIS computer group, the IIS 10 devices are not shown within the group. hmmm

For our resolution - we duplicated the perspective then edited the json to specify the IIS 10 Computer Group.

Although we were unable to choose the IIS 10 Computer Group from the GUI, editing the JSON to the Group ID was a success.

I am not an administrator for our squaredUp (former admin in a different role these days) - therefore we went with the approach above as it was something I could easily get accomplished within our environment.