Perspectives - Log Analytics tile


I’m trying to pull some OMS/Log analytics data into a perspective. Normally when you create a tile you have the scope option (ex “This objet only”).
When I chose Azure -> Log Analytics (Grid) I dont have that option… means my query get data from all objects. How do I target my query/tile to the specific object? Any ideas? :slight_smile:



With the Log Analytics tile, the scope should be written into the query.

You can use mustache in a query when added to a perspective, meaning you can create one perspective for all Windows Computers, showing contextual data.

The query above for critical updates contains:

| where TimeGenerated > ago(4h)
| where OSType != "Linux"  and Classification == "Critical Updates" and Computer == "{{displayName}}" and UpdateState != "Installed"
| project PublishedDate=substring(PublishedDate, 0, 10), Title
Where {{displayName}} is pulled from the object you are viewing.

Thank you very much for a fast an precise answer :slight_smile: You saved my day!