Pin on-prem hosted open access dashboards into PowerBI report hosted in Azure

Our organisation would like to have a PowerBI report that draws in data from a number of different sources around the IT department that shows the overall health of the IT systems and infrastructure.

SCOM is hosted on premise as is SquaredUp. The PowerBI reports are in Azure.

We have used a PowerBI gateway to connect to the SCOM datawarehouse and therefore have a PowerBI report that is based on SCOM data.

What we would like to do now is create some SquaredUp open access dashboards and pin those as tiles into a much larger PowerBI report. Has anyone done anything like this please?

We are also talking to the network team about the route this would have to take.

Edit: The second option is to get the data out of the SCOM datawarehouse (again). The huge advantage of using SquaredUp is that we can ask the various teams to better visualise what they want to see and even take a hand in developing said dashboards as they don’t have a lot of SQL query experience.