PowerShell MP: PowerShell-based tasks repeatedly time out


When running UNIX/Linux discovery, I’ve discovered that during this proces a PowerShell-based task UNIX/Linux Discovery Enumerate Agents Task keeps failing in 90-95% invocations due to error -2130661868. It takes 10 minutes to fail, thus I deduce the error means timeout.

While this seemed to be related to UNIX/Linux Management Pack, I was suspecting the problem was rather related to the way the PowerShell tasks are run.

Thus, I’ve created a custom PowerShell-based simple task (Write-Host "Hello World!") using SquaredUp PowerShell MP.

The effect is identical. Even a simple task as this one ends up waiting 10 minutes for the -2130661868 error.

Any idea? Or similar experiences?

Forgive me if I am asking too basic of a question but did you install powershell on your Linux boxes? From what I remember it is not there natively and must be installed.