Powershell tile - line graph from csv-file

Hi all,
I would like to visualize data from a CSV file as a line graph. I import the data in the powershelltile (line graph) with import-csv. I am not sure how I now declare the columns as DateTime and Int so that they are properly displayed. The error message I get: “A value column and a timestamp column are mandatory in the PowerShell results, please modify your script.” This is what response data looks like:
I would be very happy about your support, thank you in advance!
Best regards

Hi Frank,

you should just need to declare the Time & Value as expressions, e.g :-

$report = Import-csv -path "c:\filename.csv" -Delimiter ',' -header 'time','val'

$report | select @{
        Name = "Timestamp";
        Expression = {[datetime]::Parse($_.time)}
        Name = "Value";
        Expression = {[Int]::Parse($_.val)}

works like a charm, many thanks!