Powershell to remove grey object from console

has anyone created a scom task using powershell that would remove the grey-state object from the mgmt console? my thought was to add a task to the health service object target so that when a failed to connect is triggered, the powershell task could be launched from squaredup that would remove the grey-state object from the mgmt console which would then auto resolve the failed to connect alert and prevent it from triggering again. thanks in advance!

I would not be removing the grey-state objects. I prefer to just use SquaredUp for my views with the grey-state/Uninitialized objects removed (HealthState = 2 or HealthState = 3). I like to try and leave the SCOM Console alone, in its quirky states (MS-SQL Availability Groups showing up in Windows Computers view). I now spend most of my day within SquaredUp and create nice quicker views to see the data that is terrible within the SCOM Console. At least you have the ability to go back and see the standard view if things are playing up.

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