Present dashboard(s) dynamically based on status overall dashboard


I have a question - let me try to explain first what we want to accomplish.

My customer has several screens containing Squared Up dashboards. One of the dashboards displays the overall status of the environment (based on Synthetic Transactions and/or Distributed Applications).

I was wondering if it’s possible to display a certain dashboard a the second screen based on the status of the overall dashboard.

For example:

The main dashboard shows that the SQL object is in Critical status, would it be possible to automatically show the SQL dashboard on the screen next to the main screen?

Most ideally when there is more than 1 object in warning/critical, it would be nice that the dashboards next to it would change with a certain time interval.

If nothing is wrong (meaning all the objects in the main dashboard are healthy) we just show an empty dashboard of some other placeholder.

Hope someone can give me some suggestions, or are we talking about a feature request here :slight_smile:



We have a location where we needed a setup like that. We used a powershell script similiar to this to rotate the dashboards:


$IE=new-object -com internetexplorer.application
$dada =$false
$url = ""
$a = get-scomalert -ResolutionState 0 -Severity 2
if ($ -eq "distapp sql"){
$url = "http:/sqlurl"
sleep -Seconds 60

if ($ -eq "distapp webb"){
$url = "http:/webburl"
sleep -Seconds 60

sleep -Seconds 60
}while ($dada -eq $false)

Hi Jannep,

Thanks for this example, it’s useful indeed.

The main challenge though is the displaying of a dashboard based on the status of another dashboard question, any experience with that?


The way we used the script was that if the dashboard (ie distributed application) was in an error state (if get-scomalert returned an alert for the distapp) we displayed one dashboard. It should be possible to get the status of all objects of a certain group as well and if any is in an error state display dashboard X.