Print queues group status

Hi all,

we have a group of print queues monitored. When we try to have the status of the group, all of the group members appeared.

How could we do to have only 1 status (green, orange, red)? of the group, so when 1 print queue is problemetic, the group status is red?





If you use the list feature in the scope you can list your group as one item. This way it will display your group as one health state. An example of this can be seen in the image.

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Yes, I created the monitor but seems to not work... :-(

When I put the scope on list and

But when I click on it, all the queues are there and in green state…

Groups do not have a health state out of the box. You need to configure this within the SCOM console. Tao Yang created an MP that will do this for you. Details for both are available in the SQUP support doc:

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Yep - just remember to create a monitor for the print group :slight_smile:

Have you set up your dependency rollup monitor correctly for your group? You might want to check with this article just in case,
Make sure you have ‘availability’ selected under ‘entity health’.