Problem with approving pending agents after SCOM 2019 UR4

I have upgraded our SCOM 2019 with UR4. After that, I have problems with approving all the pending agent. They are giving a problem with the handle and when doing this I’m getting a lot of health service heartbeat failures. I found an article about KB5005527 hotfix for UR3. Do I need to install this hotfix also for UR4 to solve this problem?
Thanks, Luc

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I too am interested in the answer to this question. I’m currently on 2019 UR2 and looking at UR4 soon.
Have you raised a ticket with Microsoft?

Have either of you seen Kevin Holman’s Hotfix page?

I was not aware of KB5005527, but it appears that it still applies to SCOM 2019 UR4 (it didn’t complain when I installed it in my test lab).

Just like JockMurray mentioned, it might be worthwhile to raise a ticket with Microsoft if your having weird issues.