Problem with OMS setup script.

I am trying to configure SquaredUp to access an OMS workspace. When I run the setup script, it says

“Service account ‘squaredup-oms-plugin’ already has the Reader role for this OMS instance”.

-Thus it never gives me the client secret pw that I need to populate the OMS web config file.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this? Also, the documentation says that I should modify the “oms.json” file. I don’t see such a file in my directory but I do see a “oms.encrypted.json” file. -Assuming this is the file in question as I would think that having a password in clear-text in a configuration file would be a huge security risk.

The password is specified during deployment. There is no way to gain the password once it’s been set, so you have two options:

  1. Delete the existing app from the Azure portal and run the script again
  2. Change everything in the script where it says squaredup-oms-plugin to squaredup-oms-plugin2
The first option is prefered ;)


How are you looking for the “SquaredUp-OMS-Plugin” resource? You should be using the Azure portal, not the classic OMS portal.

When you’re in the portal, use the “Access Control (IAM)” blade.

-Had to delete the existing “SquaredUp-OMS-Plugin” IAM account and then have the script run by someone who had full admin privileges in the subscription. My account didn’t have the right permissions so the script wasn’t completing properly.

I actually don’t see any Azure Application or resources called “squaredup-oms-plugin” in my subscription so I’m a little bit confused as to why the script is saying that the service account already exists…?