Published dashboard busy

Hi all. I have dashboard then i created manually. When i click on unpublished – publish, he publishes it very long time and as a result does not apply change. If i refreshed page i continue work with unpublished version.

Version SquaredUP

I would try checking memory usage on the server.

Maybe recycle the IIS app pool and see if the problem goes away?

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6Gb it is used from 8GB. I restart squaredup pool, did not help

Ok…I’m updated to 3.2.5 and not work again.

Test using a different browser and/or computer. Should not make a difference, but good to try and eliminate any possibility that it’s a local machine issue.

If still problematic, you will have to log this with Support. They will probably ask you to gather diagnostic logs and send them through.

Contact support :slight_smile: This isn’t supposed to happen and they’ll work with you to determine the cause. If it helps discover an issue they aren’t aware of, they can fix it for other users :slight_smile:

Very strange. There’s a new version of SquaredUp out - try upgrading. If it does not solve it then you may have to contact Support and get them to work their magic in solving it.