Question about powershell tile

On a dashboard, I have a powershell tile that lists the files in a certain directory on a server. These are txt files. Our operators needs to open these files to read the content. How can I make this, that when clicking on the filename in the tile, the text file will be opened?
Thanks, Kind regards, Luc

Hi Luc,

With the PowerShell tile you can turn each row into a link (I’m assuming a grid view here, but I’m pretty sure other visualizations have the option too).

I think you have two options here.

If these files are hosted on a webserver, you could build up a URL to the file, and link directly to it that way.

If they are not, you could try building a file URI using the UNC path to the file (if one exists). You should be able to use the fullName property on the file to get the exact local path, and then probably infer a full UNC path from other environment variables or DNS commands. If you can programatically work out what the path should be you can then just use the System.URI class to get you the final link:


Note that I’ve not actually tried either of these options myself. But I think they might work.