Red Hat NFS Volumes

How can I monitor Red Hat NFS volumes using SCOM 1807? So far I am having not luck.

We found a MP in technet that looks promising. Currently having issues with it but they appear to be permissions related on the Linux side.

We are still having no luck getting the MP working any tips or suggestions would be great

I’m not a Linux admin, but I do monitor a ton of RHEL Linux servers with SCOM. What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

What MP on technet were you looking at (so I can take a look at it too)?

I did talk to MS support about this and they recommended against monitoring NFS volumes at the machine level but to monitor the storage device and monitor them at that level.

I am not a Linux guy, but would the PowerShell MP and PowerShell Core help you here?

We are trying to monitor drive space on these volumes.

Thanks for the additional information. I’ve taken a look at the pack(s) and I’ve reached out to the Linux team to see if they have a RHEL Linux server that has NFS mounts on it.

In the meantime, what were you having no luck with? I.e. did you get any errors? Did the pack not install? Did you install the pack and nothing happened? etc…

we never got a discovery to work, if we looked in the operations manger event logs we were seeing errors about running ps1 files. Which to my understanding is part of how linux works with some powershell in the background on the scom side,

What was the specific event log message (number, message, etc)?

I just took a look at the discovery and I see the PowerShell code, but it’s not doing anything weird…

It targets the Microsoft.Unix.Computer class and then runs this Linux command on the target agent: df -kP | awk ‘{print $1 “,” $2 “,” $6}’ | grep -v “/dev/”. Then the results are returned to the management server for the PowerShell script to parse the results. Can you log onto the Linux system and run the command above manually to verify that it returns a result? Have you verified that your RunAS accounts are set up properly and being distributed to the Management Servers correctly? Have you tried querying the agent with WinRM yet to validate that the agent is functioning?

it was event id 1000

As near as I can tell the runas accounts are fine but I could be wrong.
I will get my linux guys to test running that command shortly.

Great. In the meantime, log onto your Windows Management Server that is part of your Linux Pool and run this command from a command prompt: winrm enumerate -username: -password: -r: -auth:basic -skipCACheck -skipCNCheck -skiprevocationcheck -encoding:utf-8 Sometimes the enconding parameter doesn’t work, so if it fails, remove it. Be sure to replace , and with the real server name. You should get data back. If you don’t, something else is wrong…

that gave me data back