Refresh OpenAccess Cached image using script

I am wondering if anyone knows a way to force a refresh on the cached image stored in \Transient\Cache\OpenAccess.

I am trying to pull the image in a script to email team (forcing them to look at dashboard :slight_smile: )

I have tried PowerShell Invoke-WebRequest, but the image is not refreshed/loaded into cache. Only thing that seems to refresh it is by opening it in a browser. I know there is a lot of scripting going on with OpenAccess and browser and window size etc., so maybe why I can’t call it via PowerShell.

I wonder if this would be of use:

Hi - thanks, yes I did have a look at this. I just thought there might be an easier way since SquaredUp is already rendering an image.
Thought there might be a way of triggering the app to build the image as if a browser was calling it.

Other than a user accessing the page, then I don’t believe so I’m afraid.