Removing the SCOM Web Console

I've finally gotten to the point where I want to completely remove the SCOM web console, though I can't find a decent source of guidance online. I have stopped the application pools in IIS as a start, but want to remove it from SCOM completely. It's just clutter and no one uses it.

Basically, the main reason for this is purely aesthetic, as I’m in a bit annoyed that every time I view the MG health, I see this:

It also makes the Operations Manager Management Group DA critical and that is displayed on a few dashboards in SQUP.


So, does anyone have any advice to remove the web console from SCOM 2012/2016? Short of placing the entities into MM indefinitely, I can’t seem to find a documented way of removing it :frowning:



While not a direct answer, have you considered disabling the rule/monitor that checks the health of the Web Console? That will prevent the health state from turning red on you…

Just a thought…