replace/remove certain text

Concerning a column definition:


“title”: "All the FQDN’s ",
“_type”: “celltile/text”,
“config”: {
“display”: {
“contentTemplate”: “{{properties.subjectAlternativeNameList}}”

I would like to have the outcome displaying only the domain names whithout

What is the just way to have the text “DNS Name=” removed?

.replace(“DNS Name=”, “”)?

I usually fix these kinds of labels with trim/split in case the prefix is variable. Ex:


I’ve tried it, but the dashboard will then not stop loading

Thanks for your response! It works with one FQDN/name. What if there are multiple names separated by a comma (",") within the field?

I haven’t used the .replace a lot but it seems like it should work in that situation. Have you tried it out?