Reset the current number of logged in users

We have a few squaredUp installations we are maintaining, to accommendate all users of theese squaredup instances, on some of them we have removed our admin account from the access list, and now the license is all used up - we need to access to list and maintain the dashboards.

Is there a way to reset this?

In v2, there was an easy way to edit this, anything similar in V3 ?

That’s correct yes - the users are located at a customer site, so that option is not the first I will go with, and at the moment, I don’t know the users that have the access.

I will contact SquaredUp via a ticket, and see if they have a way around this.

So the only user that is an admin cant login to squaredup is that correct? I suggest you contact Squaredup support for help with this. If you have users that can login that are not admins you could temporary make the a scom admin to give them rights to handle the licenses in squaredup.

You will get a JSON response with a list of users if you run: https://squaredupserver/namedusers/get from a logged in user. But you need at least one user who can login then.