I have a ITSM software that exposes it’s data on a REST API which is authenticated using “standard oAuth 2.0” using user/password. I have setup the Web-Api (or at least I think so as it shows a green checkbox). The software’s API Programming guide states that it will provide with a token that I then need to use later on in the actual query’s Header.

Now my question is, how do I get the token from the oAuth2 login over to the web-api title?

Working from memory but I think you can specify the refresh token (a one-time manual task to generate) and the web API config handles the rest for you?



Update I actually covered this in a past blog post (shameless plug/link coming up ……)

To summarise you specify the username/password in the Web API config, you also specify the base url for API calls AND the token url (sometimes called the refresh token)



Hi Craig

Yes, I had already seen your site, it was the baseline I used to create the web-api… But still stucked. On paternal leave now, I’ll look into it once I get back to work

Tkx for the help