Save Dashboard to HTML File

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Is there a way to save a open access dashboard to a HTML file ?



One solution that might work :slight_smile:

You could attach the PNG picture that is the actual Open Access Dashboard. They are located on the SquaredUp server:

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Can you explain what this will be used for inorder to further advise you?

We are wanting to automate “Health Checks” as per say, so mail a dashboard at a given point in time within a mail to a end user or team… and not just the URL…
Using a runbook I can display the contents of an HTML in an e-mail body… but saving the HTML effectively seems to be the challenge… :slight_smile:

These images are recreated every 60 seconds so you might want to copy the one you are attaching to the mail before it is discarded for the next one. (However, this might create a large bin of files if you forget about this. Perhaps having a script that clears this out every month would do the trick?)

With version 3 of Squared Up, the files are stored here: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\squaredupv3\transient\cache\openaccess - As Peter said, you can just copy the images out of this folder at a given time, using some form of automation / scheduled task. Ultimately, you can just give the OA link to the team member who creates the report. You can simply right click the image you see in OA and save it directly at the time it’s needed.