SCOM 1807 install

I remember from the whats new in 1807 webinar the statement was made that when upgrading to 1807 you should wait at least 24 hours between installing 1801 and 1807. I am doing a fresh install to stand up a new environment would that still be the case in that situation or could I install 1801 and then immediately install 1807.

I believe it’s in any case. It’s not so much the 2012/r2/2016 > 1801 > 1807, but specifically going from 1801 > 1807.

As you currently have to install 1801 and then upgrade to 1807, caution should be used, and allow that 24 hours between the upgrade.

Kevin Holman mentioned this somewhere, but I cannot find the source :frowning:

I was not sure if it would still apply since this is a brand new install of SCOM with no existing environment being upgraded. So I would be installing 1801 from the start then upgrading to 1807.

I can’t recall if it’s something to do with the existing monitoring data or some background functions. Hopefully, someone else will be able to provide some better insight.