SCOM 1901 /SCOM 2019 Release date?

Anyone seen anything on a rumored release date for 2019 or 1901? I am about to do a new install of SCOM in the next week or two and would love to just jump right to one of them.

Does the name ‘1901’ not point to the fact it should be Jan 2019? In which case one would assume it is end of the month - so worth hanging on for.


We are in a similar boat and don’t want to go 1801>1807>1901 and SQL 2016> 2017 when we can go 1901/2017 from the start

Hi Matthaus,


I haven’t heard something concrete on twitter, but considering previous experience with the announced release dates I assume rather Q1 rather than Month 1 :wink:

Please visit the link below. - In my eyes your approach make sense if you don’t want to have so frequent changes, please check:

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I keep searching for an official announcement but not finding anything. I have a theory based on past history and release patterns and general hints I am seeing that we should see it RTM on Tuesday.

Anyone hearing anything at all?

The official name is 190X, and set to be released Q1. No further information given yet.

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Nothing official yet but I am hearing March/April. I am hoping sooner rather than later as I starting to bring a 2016 environment online and would love to have the fixed APM to deploy out.



This is the BIG news from last night from the link above:
Changes to release cadence
Finally, we are making changes to System Center release cadence to optimize the way we are delivering new features. System Center has two release trains today – LTSC and SAC. There is also a release train called Update Rollups (URs).

Most of our customers use Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) like System Center 2016 to run their data center infrastructures. LTSC provides five years of mainstream support and five years of extended support – with Update Rollups (UR) providing the incremental fixes and updates. From talking to customers, we learned that LTSC works better for most System Center deployments as the update cycles are longer and more stable.

Based on the learnings, we will start to focus our resources on innovation plans for System Center in LTSC releases and stop SAC releases. System Center 2019 will support upgrades from two prior SAC releases so customers running System Center 1801 or System Center 1807 will be able to upgrade to System Center 2019; just as System Center 2016 can be upgraded to System Center 2019.

System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is not impacted by the 2019 release change and will continue current branch release cadence of three times per year as noted in the documentation, “Support for Configuration Manager current branch versions.”

It is out and GA as of March 14th

Yes I know the naming convention just wondering if it was still on track for release this month. If you recall 1801 did not come out in January last year but was delayed.

I heard a rumor from what I consider a reliable source and some of this info on the release names is dated.

I had heard that 1901 was going away but the current branch versions were news to me. That said when you see what they say about including feature releases in the CU updates what is the real difference other than they are not promising two a year. It could be more could be less. We will have to wait and see.