SCOM 2019 and Linux RHEL 6

So are there any work arounds to RHEL 6 support with SCOM 2019? I know for 2008R2 I can load the SCOM 2016 1807 agent and it will work. Is there anything like that I can do to monitor my RHEL 6 until we complete our upgrade of that OS?

I would be surprised if the agent that supports RHEL 5/6/7 does not talk to SCOM 2019 - have you tried it? MS have not updated the RHEL doc for years

I have confirmed that it is not officially supported. We have not yet tried to install 2019 we were about to but this is a show stopper and we would have to stick with 2016. What I am hoping is that MS comes out with an option in the next few days due to customer outcry. I have heard that they were getting a lot of push back from the nothing older than 2012 being supported and they may reverse that stance. Hoping same thing happens for RHEL 6 which has a longer support life than 2008R2. They want people to adopt he new platform but this will chase an issue.


Is there anyone who knows is they plan support for redhat 6?

A lot of our servers are rhel6 and our linux team is not planning to update this at this moment.

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We had a call with the product team and there are no plans to support RHEL 6

RHEL 6 does not work with SCOM 2019. We tried and didn’t get it to work (yet). I will let you know when we get it working.

Any updates on the subject? Having the same issue as Luc van den Berg

I spoke with the product team and there are no plans to add support for RHEL 6 to SCOM 2019

Our devs are just about to put in Rhel 6 in one of our core systems. Not good. Looks like I’ll stay on 2016 for a while.

Thanks Rick. I just double checked and was informed it’s 7.6. Whew.

We got Rhel 6 working on 2019. have a look at

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Are you saying the MP is not supported In 2019?
Or the existing Linux agent is not supported by 2019?

According to the release notes yes. Also no support of windows 2008, 2008r2 or 2012

RHEL 6 goes end of life next year so you might want to look at RHEL 7. RHEL 8 is out but not yet supported. That is coming early in 2020.

Great work! Thank you :slight_smile: