SCOM 2019 Web Console

I have a couple of clients who are interested in the native SCOM web console now that it is built on HTML 5 and I wonder if anyone has any real-world experience.

I’ve not spent a lot of time with it (I’m a strong believer in SQUP), but I have found it to be much faster than the silver light of old, and it’s a huge improvement. I have found that creating dashboards is a little clunky and requires MP changes to save the dashboards (I had hoped we were past this!).

Ignoring the WebAPI/VADA/EA side of things, looking at just the SCOM data, is there any upside to using the native web console?

I see that Squared Up now has an “essentials package” too, which is just SCOM data, which seems to be comparable to the Community Edition (no longer available). I found Billy York did a write up of this for 1801:

Has much changed since 1801?

Does anyone have any PowerShell scripts that they utilize in the PS widget?

Any advice greatly appreciated!