SCOM 2022 and OpsMgr Self Maintenance Management Pack


Has anyone else had issues with the version detection for SCOM 2022 /UR1 using the ‘OpsMgr Self Maintenance All Management Servers Patch List Consistency Consecutive Samples Monitor’?

It reports a version miss match even thought that is not the case, according to SCOM.


Are all of your servers definitely responding? This little nugget here and the difference in numbers in the views (possible cropping though), suggests to me that you’ve potentially got one missing.


Null wouldn’t equal UR1, which could be the source of the alert.

If that is correct, I’d check that each of the servers can WinRM to each other using the credentials that the RunAs account.


Yes, they are all responding, as you can see in the 2nd pic SCOM itself knows all about them and their patch version.

I do have some missing in the first screen shot and one of them is even listed twice.