SCOM agent Maintanance Mode

Can we place SCOM agent in maintenance Mode for long duration eg: 3 years

Hey Shekar, welcome to Community Answers.

What’s your use case here? Maintenance Mode suspends monitoring “temporarily” including alerts, state changes etc… if you didn’t want live monitoring for as long as 3 years, why would you have the SCOM agent installed at all?

I guess there might be a case to disable child components but not the whole computer object, but in that case, overriding the monitoring/discovery of those child components might be a better solution.

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To add on @Adam 's reply, I just checked in SCOM console, it looks like even when giving a custom end time, there is a cap (coincidentally at 3 years exact!).
Same question as Adam though, why would you want to do this?

Thank you Adam, Agreed and asked same questions but for some KPI etc they want the server added to monitoring