SCOM - Agent & SNMP

Can you monitor a Windows Server with the SCOM Agent and with SNMP simultaneously?

The reason why I’m asking is that i have 4 vCenter Servers currently monitored with a SCOM Agent however to get better VMWare alerting it is better to use SNMP and get VMWare to send SNMP traps to SCOM.

My SCOM Agent works fine but for some reason the SNMP Discovery doesn’t seem to be registering the VCenter Server

Is that because you can only do one or the other? i.e. Only SCOM Agent or only SNMP?

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there is no reason that it shouldnt work however it takes a bit of time to get SNMP up and running on SCOM, particularly in enabling SNMP correctly on the Management Servers. Is SNMP working on other devices?

Which version of SCOM is this, since they have rather different SNMP configuration.

SCOM 2012 R2