SCOM Application Performance Monitoring (APM)


We’re using SCOM .Net Application Performance Monitoring and Web Application Transaction Monitoring and want to build dashboards for those metrics. Not being a SCOM guru, I can’t figure how to find the specific metrics. So far I have gotten by using the awesome “quick find” or dragging from other dashboards.

I tried using the SCOM Performance chart for hints to no avail.



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For any kind of web site monitoring, you will need to find the “perspective” that goes with it. Web Application Perspective might be the one you need.

For the APM metrics, you might look for “.Net Apps” and see what pops up.

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As a general rule if you are having trouble scoping to this you can drilldown to your object, ‘vmplp-em…’ and then locate your object ‘Web Request’ under ‘hosted components’, from this, you should be able to find your metric.

Alternatively, using the advanced section when specifying your metric you can enter you Object ‘Web Request’ and counter ‘Web Request Download Time, Web Request Days To Expiry, WebRequest TCPConnectTime’.

You can also find given metrics using the ‘View Performance’ feature to the top right of your drilldown page. (but you seem pretty clued up with this already).

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Thanks. This is helpful.

I would keep an eye out on community dashboards to see if anyone uploads an APM dashboard on this which you could use.