SCOM Components showing grey in squared up.

We have a SCOM group created for Office365 – we created the group and added the O365 subscription as its object.

The Subscription shows as a green healthy subscription in SCOM and in SqUp we have configured a entity health rollup monitor for availability for the O365 group. The tile shows green as required with a worst case roll up.

However when we drill into the tile and the subscription – there is then a component view and all components are grey ?

I have checked the O365 MP all alerts are enabled.

Is this FAD ? why is that ?


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I have created a group - which only has one member which is the O365 subscription class and we map that group to the SqUp tile. we have configured a dependency rollup monitor for the Object > Entity Health and targeted it to the group.

are the component below entities or groups as well?

Have you created the roll ups for all four categories? Availability, performance, security and configuration? If you’ve only created it for one it may not work. I seem to recall the O365 MP only doing availability.