Scom dashboard for reporting

Hi Team,

Anyone using grafana with scom for server dashboard.

Why would you go through the trouble of making it in Grafana when you have SquaredUp? :wink:

yes, But management not ready to buy it .As grafana is open source they decided with grafana. I know its not up to squared in drill down views.

Dashboardserver is also free. At least for the moment =)

Oh thats a great option, Is there any guide for SCOM integration.


You have three ways of bringing SCOM data to SquaredUp DS:

  1. SQL tile : Connect to your SCOM DW using its connection string and run SQL queries. Some useful queries here.
  2. WebAPI: Query SCOM APIs to retrieve data. API reference here. This only works with SCOM 2019 I think. (maybe 2016?)
  3. Powershell : Run Powershell scripts against your SCOM MG connection. Powershell module here.