SCOM DB keeps filling on SQL 2016

We recently migrated our SCOM database onto a new SQL 2016 instance, and since the migration the DB keeps filling, despite the fact that we aren’t seeing a higher alert volume than when it was on the previous 2012 instance. Is there some missing setting required, or is SQL 2016 not supported?

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I had that issue after installing a new SQL management pack a while ago.

I used som scripts from “running checks” here to find the issue:

In my case I found that the issue was a store procedure by the name “sql visualisation”

It could be something similiar in your case.


did you already checked this?


Could you run a report to see what table is growing?

Try using Kevin Holman’s SQl querries, to spot what is using up all the space.

My experience is that event collection is sometimes running wild :slight_smile: