SCOM Group Membership - Sealed MP

I have created a sealed Management Pack that will extend the Windows Computer object by adding an additional Attribute called “Support Level” - This value is populated in the Registry based on values stored in SQL then the agent writes the value into SCOMDB. I have then created a SCOM Group that will dynamically populate based on the “Support Level” value

I followed Kevin Holmans Post below:-

The above works really well, however, let’s say I want to add Explicit Members to the group I won’t be able to as the Group is in a Sealed Management Pack.

Is there a way to provide the functionality for Explicit Members to be added via an override?

No within a sealed management packs, normally with a sealed management pack I just create an unsealed management pack with a “-overrides” suffix.

But as you’ve created the management pack why seal it? Just create it unsealed then you can add to it!

Hi Andi - The reason why I wanted to seal it is so that I could add a view in the Default Management Pack.
You see if the management pack is unsealed then you can’t add to an unsealed Management Pack (Default Management Pack)

Basically, I want to create a new version of the “Active Alerts” View if that makes sense?