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I’m trying to monitor a HP 3PAR storage array. I installed the Management Pack but for some reason I’m not getting any health status information in SCOM – Any Ideas?

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Did you followed the User Guide?

What exactly is not working? Do you mean the Health Dashboard?

If so, you need some additional ports for that, since it has to access a fileshare on your mgmt-server.

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Did you have a look at the HP Storage Management Pack User Guide 4.2.1.

There are detailed information what you need to do. Basically, you need to install the HP Software for the MP on a server with the a SCOM Agent. Then you need to run the HP Storage Management Pack User Configuration Tool to connect to the 3Par. Then you need to enable a 3Par discovery rule in SCOM. It’s explained in detail in the PDF.

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All I know is that someone… installed the HP Storage Management Pack. When you check the health view nothing is reported back… I downloaded the documentation but didn’t know whether I needed a OneView server that would in turn act as a proxy to the 3PAR storage

What do you mean with “additional ports”? I still have the issue that I can not connect from the capacity dash board from a client with the SCOM Console installed to the SCOM Server. Any hints?

Do you have a Firewall between the client with console and the Mgmt-Server with the HP Storage Management Pack Config Tool?

You will need to open ports to access fileshares on the Mgmt-Server (Think you need RPC_DCOM 49152-65535, RPC_EPM 135, SMB_CIFS_TCP 445 AND TCP 8080 aswell)

The content for these dashboads is not accessible through standard scom console port (5724).

Just try to open the Dashboard and check your firewall logs…

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You don’t need a OneView server to monitor the 3PAR storage.

You need to run the hpstoragescomkit-4.2.1.exe on the SCOM server to import the MPs to SCOM. If not already done. You also need to run the hpstoragescomkit-4.2.1.exe on the collection point server (which is a server with scom agent). Then run the HP Storage Management Pack user Configuration Tool to add the 3PAR storage. You need to have SMI-S enabled on the 3PAR for this to work.

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Where did you download the PM from as the only link I can fine is related to OneView

Afaik HP moved all System Center related things to HP One View for System Center.

Just download it, you should find the Storage MP inside the package (hpstoragescomkit-4.2.1.exe).

Thanks for this. I will check it out.

Yep. And you need a HP Passport Account to do this.
Regarding OneView: It’s correct, you could also implement OneView and do the monitoring of the 3PAR via OneView. However, bringing OneView Event to SCOM legally requires an advanced license. The HP Storage Management Pack solution without OneView does not require a license.

gunterd - thanks for your help - I do have one last problem though. All the dashboards work appart from the forllowing:-
+HP Storage
-Health Dashboard

It is Supposed to show health state and Alert Summary but it isn’t displaying anything even though I have configured the Management Server IP Address under Capacity Dashboard.
Any Ideas?

Hi, in my environment it takes about 20 seconds until the health dashboard is populated with data. Have you waited that long for data to be shown?

I have added a screenshot of my Health Dashboard - I have waited 10min