SCOM Monitor / Rule Powershell Scheduler

Hi all,

Has anyone had any success with putting a scheduled time/day filter after using the Powershell Script Community MP via the template, either as a Rule or Monitor. Any help would be appreciated.



I haven’t used the community mp as it is relatively straight forward to plug powershelgl scripts into monitoring using Visual Studio. This run through shows how to use a scheduler filter and match count

Part 1 – The PowerShell –

Part 2 – The Data Source and Probe –

Part 3 – The Monitor Type –

Part 4 – The Monitor –

Part 5 – A diagnostic task to view all the folders in the top level folder –

Part 6 – A recovery task to delete all the folders in the top level folder –

I’ve put the filter on the unhealthy workflow which means that the monitor will go healthy --> unhealthy 24 x7 but only go healthy --> unhealthy during business hours. You could alternatively put the filter on the data source and only run the script at certain times of the day.