SCOM - Monitoring disk space utilization growth/increase

Is there a way to get an alert from SCOM if your disk space start decreasing rapidly.
Lets say you have an application that handles 5mb files therefore if this process stopps then disk space will start decreasing rapidly therefore it would be usefull to have a monitor/alert to monitor such behaviour.
Or in terms of SQL and Exchnage - If backus keep failing the disk space will start decreasing rapidly as log files aren’t being cleared down.

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you should be able to do so by using the MOMScriptAPI.GetScriptStateKeyPath method ( when every time your workflow runs, write the current free space to the registry, and also compare the current value with the previous value which can be retrieved from the registry.

I hope this helps.


There is an Community MP that does this. Haven’t tried it myself but it looks pretty nice.

I suppose the simplest would be to utilise the ‘warning’ and ‘critical’ thresholds. Warning would sit at say 10% and critical would be at 7% - Have you had a look at the thresholds?

Thank you Tao - I’ll give this a go and let you know how I get on