Scom mp - snmp oid

Does anyone have some pointers in terms of writing a very simple management pack that will do a discovery using SNMP looking at a specific OID then alert when that value is above a certain level?

We have a old UPS and we can access all sorts of monitor values via SNMP one of witch is the current load of the UPS - I would like to write a MP or construct a monitor that will alert if the UPS load value goes above 75%

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Does this help ?


I have not tried it myself yet, but you should look into the new network monitoring tool that launched with SCOM2016.

System Center Operations Manager – Extensible Network Monitoring

I’ve added some UPS systems and temperature sensors (not using the tool above) and the basic operation is:

  1. Add it as a network device
  2. Create a group (optional) for the device
  3. Create SNMP monitors targeting the OID you want to monitor, scope to group/device

The tool works great, SNMP management pack authoring is honestly not that easy, and this tool helps a lot to author basic SNMP management packs.

are you sure about that?

Sorry - I removed my comment - I was thinking about MIB2MP.
I’ll check out System Center Operations Manager – Extensible Network Monitoring.
Thanks for your help :wink:

Awesome speed cdalyrmple :smiley: